The Delaney Book® has been helping teachers distinguish between their "Ashley's" and their "Elmo's"... their "Billies" and "Bobbies"... their "Hank's" and "Frank's" for over 40 years!

The reason is simple: no other organizing system comes close to The Delaney Book's convenient "check-at-a-glance" design and easy-to-use format.

From New York City to Los Angeles, The Delaney Book® has become an indispensable school aid, providing teachers with an instant visual method of establishing seating arrangements, recording attendance, and keeping grades. Administrators as well have found The Delaney Book® the perfect answer for programming, identifying and locating students and staff instantly!

The Delaney Book®'s system of leaves, cards and folders is so easy to use, you'll find you can arrange it, change it, and re-arrange it as often as you like.

So if "Ashley's in" but "Elmo's AWOL", you know at a glance, without having to take time-consuming roll call.

Here's how the DELANEY SYSTEM works:
  1. Fill out cards to match your students, staff, personnel, etc., one card for each individual.
  2. Place the cards in the page slots corresponding to your seating arrangement (different seating arrangements are available.
  3. When it's time to check seating or attendance mark grades or look up a personal record, simply go to the page and check the card... just a glance is all it takes!


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